Solidarity with the members of UCU and all workers in the UK defending their right to strike!

Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR) wish to express solidarity with our colleagues in University and College Union (UCU) and all workers in UK defending their right to strike.

Staff working conditions are a prerequisite to high quality research, teaching and learning in Higher Education institutions. NAR strongly support UCU in their fight and encourage the university employers to make substantially improved offers in the ongoing disputes over pay, working conditions and pension cuts.

Furthermore, NAR argues that the right of all workers to take strike action, against dangerous and unhealthy work, for dignity in the workplace and decent pay is crucial. The attempt by the British government to undermine these rights is terrifying and has devastating consequences for individual workers, working life in general and society at large.

Norwegian Association of Researchers stands in solidarity with public servants and all workers in the UK as they seek defend their standard of living and defeat these unfair and counterproductive measures introduced to the British parliament this month.

In solidarity

Guro Elisabeth Lind

Birgitte Olafsen
General secretary