The NAR supports British researchers on strike

The Norwegian Association of Researchers wants to show its support to the researchers currently on strike in the United Kingdom.

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The University and College Union (UCU) has launched a series of strikes in 61 universities to safeguard its guaranteed pension benefits in the United Kingdom.

A new pension proposal will result in the pensions of higher education personnel being dependent on their 'investment' performance and not on guaranteed payments based on contributions and years of service. According to UCU this leaves a typical lecturer approx. 11,270 Euro a year worse off in retirement than under the current set-up.

Petter Aaslestad, president of the Norwegian Association of Researchers, sends his support to the British researchers on strike.

- High quality research and higher education depends entirely on highly qualified personnel. Worsening pension benefits means that a career in research becomes less attractive and will lead to shortages in qualified personnel. Therefore the UCU defends not only the well-earned benefits of their own members, but also the quality of higher education in the UK, Aaslestad says.

More information is available here and here

To show your solidarity with UCU on twitter, please use @ucu and #ucustrike