Memo – give your brain a workout!

We invite all our members to Memo course by Oddbjørn By.
The course will be held in English

  • Dato:

    23. april 2024

  • Tidspunkt:

    10:00 - 12:00

  • Sted:

    Zoom, WEBINAR

  • Påmeldingsfrist:

    21. april 2024

  • Antall plasser:


We have received excellent feedback on Oddbjørn By’s previous courses. You can now seize the chance to train your memory with him. He is a world-recordholder in memory, and through this course he will attempt to get your brain back in shape.

He will give you tips and tricks on how to memorize names, presentations, languages, birthdays and more. This course can give you valuable knowledge for the future. Read more about his work at

Speaker Image

Oddbjørn By

Oddbjørn By is the author of the Memo books and a world record holder in memorization. He is good at teaching techniques of improving your memory