Forskerforbundet's supreme governing body is its Congress, which meets once every three years. The Congress elects the President, the Vice President and the Executive Board that leads Forskerforbundet's activities between Congress meetings.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the President, the Vice President, five board members and three deputy members, all of whom are elected for three-year terms of office.

Local branches

At individual workplaces, Forskerforbundet is represented by local branches comprised of all the members who work at that particular institution. Forskerforbundet has approximately 300 local branches, which are organised at all workplaces where we have three or more members. Where there are fewer than three members, the members' interests will be attended to by the central office.

The local branches are authorised to act on behalf of Forskerforbundet pursuant to the statutes and agreements that apply at the institution in question. The local branches deal with members' interests at their institution and provide assistance to members, in accordance with applicable legislation and agreements.

National Council

Forskerforbundet also has an advisory body, the National Council, which meets once a year and is comprised of 45 ordinary representatives. The National Council is the highest-level advisory body for major political and strategic issues between Congress meetings.

Professional networks

Forskerforbundet has 8 professional networks that deal with members’ professional interest. You can choose to join one of these professional networks in addition to your ordinary membership. The networks offer courses and conferences for their members, as well as other benefits.