PhD candidate and postdoctoral research fellow

Thinking of joining a union? Forskerforbundet – The Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR) – is the natural choice if you are in research training; taking a PhD degree or employed as a postdoctoral research fellow.

Who are we?

Forskerforbundet organizes approximately 2,500 members in recruitment posts (PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows) and is the only trade union with a specific policy for these groups.

We lobby the authorities and the institutions in matters relating to research funding, researcher training, rights issues, academic freedom, working conditions and laws and regulations. For more information about our policy and work for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows, see the links below.

We work actively to secure PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows:

  • Good working conditions: We work to ensure that you have a good balance between compulsory work and research time.
  • Competitive salary: We have contributed to the fact that the starting salary for PhD candidates keeps pace with the salary development in the rest of society, and that postdoctoral fellows now have the same starting salary as associate professors.
  • Good career paths: We work actively against long temporary employment periods.

We also organize courses and seminars specially adapted for PhD candidates and postdocs, with topics such as salary negotiations and working conditions.

PhD candidates pay reduced membership fees. The first year of membership you pay only 25 % of the ordinary fee, then 50 % for the rest of your PhD period.