Membership type


Ordinary fee 

(employed in a full time position)

549 NOK/month

Reduced fee 

(employed half time or less)

297 NOK/month

PhD candidate

(employed in position as 'stipendiat')
– first year of membership

137 NOK/month

PhD candidate
– the following years of your PhD period

275 NOK/month

PhD candidate (member before January 1, 2022)

The monthly fee is deducted from your salary.
If you prefer, you can pay the fee via invoice quarterly.

297 NOK/month


Double membership *)

The fee for double membership depends on which association you are a member of. Contact us for more information.



Student member *)

New student members pay a fee of NOK 250 as a lump sum. This fee is valid as long as you are a student.

250 NOK

(lump sum)

Unpaid leave, retired or unemployed

The fee is payed via invoice twice a year (NOK 306)

51 NOK/month

Basic Insurance *)

Life, disability, accident and critical illness insurance. 

198 NOK/month