Members insurance policies

Forskerforbundet's insurance office offers our members a wide range of insurance policies. Call us, and we will help you choose the right policy for your needs.

Bank services from Nordea

If you are a member of Forskerforbundet, you get one of Norway's best banking offers in Nordea. Your membership gives you one of the market's lowest mortgage interest rates – both now and over time.

Salary and working conditions

Forskerforbundet's local representatives take care of members' interests at the workplace. They represent the members in all matters relating to their working conditions, and they participate in the local salary negotiations.

Applying for a new job?

We can assist you in negotiating terms and salary level at the time of appointment. Remember that you have to contact us before signing your contract!

Legal Assistance

As a member, you are entitled to legal assistance from Forskerforbundet in any questions you might have about your rights as an employee, your salary level or your working conditions.

Discount on attorney services

If you are in need of legal assistanse in areas not covered by the Guidelines, you can contact one of the legal firms that give discounted services to our members.

Discounts through Unio (in Norwegian)

Forskerforbundet is a part of the confederation Unio, which gives all our members access to Unio's discount deals. Among the discounted products offered are electric cars from Bertel O. Steen, car hire from Avis, sportswear from Stormberg. (in Norwegian)


Our members receive the monthly magazine Forskerforum for free.