Good news for PhD candidates on short-term sick leave

PhD candidates are now entitled to an extension also for short-term sick leave.
– This is really good news. We have been working on this for a long time, and it is important for many PhD candidates and postdocs, says Guro Lind.

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Forskerforbundet's president Guro Elisabeth Lind is happy about the breakthrough.

Forskerforbundet has long worked to ensure that PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows get an extension of their employment period also for leaves and sickness absences that amount to less than two consecutive weeks. Now it has become a reality. The Ministry of Education and Research has repealed the employment regulations section § 2-3, fifth paragraph, which established that the absence had to amount to at least two consecutive weeks in order to provide a basis for extended employment.

Forskerforbundet's president Guro Elisabeth Lind is happy about this breakthrough.

– This is good news. This means that postdoctoral fellows and PhD candidates who are ill themselves, are at home with a sick child, or are on leave that is authorized by law and contractual agreements, can report their absence and have it deducted from the employment period from the first day. It is great that the government has made this change, says Lind.


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