Recruit a colleague

Do you know of someone who should become a member of Forskerforbundet? Recruit one (or more!) of your colleagues today, and collect points to be exchanged for a gift card.

How to get the prize

The more members you recruit, the more points you collect, and the greater the value of your gift card becomes. For recruiting one new member you get 500 kroner, for two you get 1 500 kroner, and then an additional 500 kroner for each new member you recruit. For each new recruitment, you collect points that can be exchanged for a gift card at the end of the year.

Please note that points can only be collected by recruiting regular members (full or part time employees), not student members. We have a separate campaign for recruiting new student members. In addition, as a student member you can of course collect points by recruiting your teachers or other staff to join Forskerforbundet.

1 member (10 points): 500 kroner
2 members (20 points): 1 500 kroner
3 members (30 points): 2 000 kroner
4 members (40 points): 2 500 kroner
5 members (50 points): 3 000 kroner
6 members (60 points): 3 500 kroner
7 members (70 points): 4 000 kroner
8 members (80 points): 4 500 kroner
9 members (90 points): 5 000 kroner
10 members (100 points): 6 000 kroner

See your points balance on My page

Login to your personal membership page, My page to see all of your recruitments and the total number of points you have collected in your account.

Your points account will be settled on 31 December each year, and you will automatically receive a digital gift card from Glede with the accumulated amount. If you wish to settle your account during the year, please contact our member service at e-mail

Please note that 10 recruitments is the limit before taxation. If you recruit more than 10 new members during a year, you will have to pay tax on the entire prize amount.

How to get started

There are many ways to recruit new members. Ask one or more of your colleagues to join you for a cup of coffee; order some of our free recruitment kits and give them to your colleagues; or send them an e-mail inviting them to join Forskerforbundet.

How to get your points registered

Send this link to the person(s) you wish to recruit: (registration form)

Ask them to name you as the person they were recruited by. The registration form has a field for naming the person who has recruited you.

Recruitment material

We have recruitment kits in Norwegian and English, and we have a series of folders in English as well as Norwegian, presenting Forskerforbundet and our membership benefits. You can order these free of charge here: Brochures and information material

We wish you the best of luck in your efforts recruiting new members!

Membership benefits

Read more about our favourable insurances and banking services for members and other benefits for our members.

See all our membership benefits