Double membership

We have agreements regarding "double membership" with several Norwegian associations for professionals. Holding double membership, you can be a member of both organisations without having to pay double fee.

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You can hold double membership if you meet the criteria for membership in both associations.

Double membership gives you the same rights as ordinary Forskerforbundet members. Forskerforbundet will safeguard your rights as an employee (i.e. salary negotiations, working conditions), and the professional association will safeguard your professional interests.

As a double member, you pay regular membership fees to your professional association, and an additional fee to Forskerforbundet. See Membership fees. There are some exceptions for the associations asterisked (*). Please contact Forskerforbundet Central Office for details.

If you are already a member of one of the associations listed, you may join Forskerforbundet as a "double member". Remember to tick the appropiate box when registering for Forskerforbundet membership.

We have agreements regarding double membership with: