Competence promotion is given within the framework set by the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Digitalisation and Public Governance, and complementary guidelines and standards set by the individual institution.

Competency promotion only takes place after the assessment committee processes applications and assesses the needs of the organization or reviews the standards and regulations of other institutions that has the same promotion policy.

Competence promotion is personal, related to the subject area and does not have consequences for work tasks/duties or the placement of the position in case of vacancy.


Who can apply for what?

Promotion in combined positions (researcher/Professor) with initial competence

To be considered, you must be permanent employee or in a fixed-term position and have a minimum of 50 percent contract. Temporary employees, or freelancers  hired for a specific assignment are unfortunately excluded from this promotion stratagem. Given this, the following promotion opportunities apply:

  • Associate professors and university lecturers can apply for a promotion to a professor. (Promotion regulations, §2.2)
  • Senior lecturers can apply for promotion to docent. (Promotion Regulations, §2.3)
  • apply for promotion to associate professor or senior lecturer. (Promotion Regulations, §2.4)

Note: It is no longer possible to apply for a promotion “crosswise” from senior lecturer/docent to associate professor/professor or vice cersa neither to the same position level nor to top position level.

Promotion to university/college lecturer

All employed university/college teachers can apply for promotion to university/college lecturer. (Promotion Regulations, §2.5)

Promotions to research positions

Researchers 1108 in a permanent position//year-term position and in an externally funded position where the appointment has a duration of 2 years or more beyond the time of an application can apply for a promotion to researcher 1109.

Researchers 1109 and 1110 in permanent government positions/year-term positions and in externally funded positions where the appointment duration of 3 years or more beyond the time of the application, can apply for a promotion to researcher 1183.

Salary range for skill promotion

There is the possibility of salary adjustment on an individual basis in case of promotion. This is normally subject to local negotiations.