The NAR Brain Power Award

The NAR Brain Power Award is awarded to one or more members of Forskerforbundet / The Norwegian Association of Researchers who, through their knowledge-based work, have made significant contributions to society.

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About the NAR Brain Power Award 

Every day, Forskerforbundet's 25,000 members use their brain power to improve and develop our society. Their knowledge, competence and efforts are important in the workplace and for society. They can be found at universities, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, in public administration, in business and at museums, archives and libraries. They represent an important diversity of knowledge that in various ways develops our society.

With Forskerforbundet's Brain Power Award, we want to appreciate their efforts, and showcase the important work our members do. The Brain Power Award was awarded for the first time in 2013.

This year's award will be awarded at our annual Research Policy Conference on 5 November 2024. More information below.