Forskerforbundet's union representatives shall behave in an accountable, responsible and forthright manner.


Everyone should be addressed and treated respectfully, and no one should be treated differently for any reason.


There is zero tolerance for harassment. As a trade union we have a responsibility to hinder or prevent all forms of harassing behavior and to act in events of harassment.

Harassment is defined as omissions or statements that have the purpose or effect of being offensive, intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating. Harassment can occur in various ways. 


Sensitive information shall be treated with care and normal regulations for privacy apply.


Union representatives must act with integrity without regard to their own benefit or risk. All decisions must be transparent.

Alcohol substance or narcotics

social events under the auspices of Forskerforbundet must be inclusive for all participants. There must be alcohol free alternatives and moderate consumption is expected.  It is unacceptable for representatives of Forskerforbundet to perform task for the organization under the influence of alcohol or other substances.


Local representatives must avoid conflicts between their own interests and interests of the organization. Therefore, no one should participate in or to try to influence cases where there are special conditions that are suitable for weaken confidence in the individual’s independence or bias. Such conditions apply when you, yourself or someone close to you, has a direct or indirect interest in a matter.


Representatives must not accept gifts that can be considered an unjustifiable advantage or that are suitable for or intended to lead to retribution. They also must not use their position to obtain an undue advantage for themselves or persons close to them.

Management of the members’ common funds

The financial resources available to the union must be used for the good of the organization and its members and within the union’s purpose of improving the pay and working conditions and safeguarding the members’ financial and professional interests.

Sustainability and the environment

The union representatives must be aware of the impact of their behavior and decisions can have on sustainability and the environment, and as much as possible choose the most sustainable solutions.