Questionnaire – Annual Wage Statistics

Tuesday, January 10 we sent an e-mail to all active members of the union who work in non-state sectors, with the questionnaire for our annual wage statistics per December 2022.

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The wage statistics are our most important information base regarding the salary level among the members and form the basis for our wage policy.  We therefore hope that you will help us by completing the form. It takes just a few minutes of your time.

You can access the questionnaire by clicking on the link in the e-mail. In the questionnaire, you will be asked to state your gross salary corresponding to 100 % position as of December 31, 2022 and you should therefore have this on hand.

The information is provided anonymously, is treated confidentially and will only be used for statistical purposes.

We will close the survey on January 27, 2023.

The link is unique and should only be used by you, not forwarded. If you want to encourage others to respond to the survey, send the invitation in a separate email.

The questionnaire was sent to all our active members in non-state sectors. For members who are state employees, the statistics are collected via our local union representatives.

Any questions about the survey should be directed to email
For all questions related to membership in Forskerforbundet, contact