Guest membership

Forskerforbundet has reciprocal membership agreements with our sister organisations in the Nordic countries, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada and USA.

The agreements ensure that it you are a member of one of Forskerforbundet's sister organisations in these countries, you will be entitled to free Forskerforbundet membership when working temporarily at universities or other higher education institutions or research institutions where the host union is recognised.

Forskerforbundet also offers free guest membership to SAR scholars living in Norway and hosted by a Norwegian university.

The membership entitles you to advice about work contracts, wages question and other services provided to ordinary Forskerforbundet members.

Contact Forskerforbundet member service for practical information on how to register as a guest member.

Likewise, Forskerforbundet members who take employment in one of the countries listed, can get assistance from our sister organisation.

Guest membership is limited to two years.

Contact information for our sister organisations can be found on their websites, see links below.

We have agreements with these organisations: