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About Forskarforbundet at Vestlandsforsking

A majority of the scientific staff at Vestlandsforsking are organized through Forskarforbundet (The Norwegian Association of Researchers).

Vestlandsforsking conducts applied research in three main areas: climate change and environment, tourism, as well as tecnology and society. The public sector is our main source of assignments, but we also take on assignments for the private sector. The institute was founded in 1985 and is located in Sogndal, a town in Western Norway.

The number of employees, including both scientific and administrative staff memers, ranges between 25 and 30. About three quarters of the scientific staff are members of Forskarforbundet. Tre firedelar av forskarane er medlemmer av Forskarforbundet/The Norwegian Association of Researchers. The board of the local union includes four members and a deputy board member.

At our institute, the local union representative is also the head of the local union, i.e. Forskarforbundet at Vestlandsforsking. Also, a representative for the board of Vestlandsforsking is elected by all employees at the institute (including those who are not members of the local union).

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Get in touch with us:

 Eivind Brendehaug (head of the local union):

 +47 951 91 752,

 Svein Ølnes (deputy head of the local union):

 +47 917 39 918,

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