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Coronavirus: Employee rights

The corona virus raises many labour law issues. Most are already regulated by laws and agreements. At the same time, the development shows that changes and clarifications are needed within the current regulations. We will gather relevant information on this web page.

PhD candidates / postdoctoral fellows

PhD candidates, Postdoctoral fellows and Corona (14.05.20)

Employee rights

Ordering (27.03.20)

Layoffs (furloughs) (15.04.20)

Sickness Benefit (08.04.20)

Care Benefit Days (08.04.20)

Compassionate leave (24.03.20)

Vacation (24.03.20)

Employer's right of management (27.03.20)

Voluntary isolation (24.03.20)

Wage settlements postponed until autumn

As a result of the serious and uncertain economic situation we are in, all central negotiations on wages and working conditions will be postponed until autumn 2020.

Temporary agreement on working hours in the state sector

In the state, a temporary agreement regulating rest time, core time and overtime was signed on Monday March 16. Laws and agreements are made for a normal situation. Several employees in the state fulfil critical functions in society. In a crisis situation like this, not all regulations are adapted to this.

Useful links

Information from the Norwegian Government

Research Council Norway:
Questions for the Research Council about the coronavirus disease situation

Helsenorge.no: Coronavirus in Norway

Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Coronavirus disease – advice and information

NAV: Contacting NAV about the coronavirus COVID-19

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Article updated Thursday April 2

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