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Kurs: Working in Norway - Know your rights!

19. oktober 2022
09:00 - 12:00
12. oktober 2022
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Are you a PhD or postdoctoral fellow and wonder what rights you have? Sign up for this webinar!

We will give a brief introduction to the terms and conditions of employment as PhD and postdoc, and give you some tips to improve your salary.

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09.00–09.30   Unions in Norway

09.30–09.45   Terms and conditions of employment as PhD and postdoc

  *   Rights and duties

09.45–10.00   Digital coffee break

10.00–10.30   Terms and conditions of employment as PhD and postdoc

  *   Prolongation
  *   Precarious work and 3 years rule
  *   Q/A

10.30–10.45   Digital coffee break

10.45–11.30   Salaries and how to raise them

  *   Wage negotiations in Norway – state sector and beyond
  *   Increasing your salary?
  *   Q/A

11.30–12.00   Digital break-out rooms – meet your local union representative

  *   This is us and how we work
  *   News
  *   Book an appointment for a chat

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