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Wage Policy

NAR strives to ensure that wage conditions are competitive, both nationally and internationally. Wage levels should reflect members’ expertise, responsibilities and efforts.

This is a prerequisite for the sector to be an attractive career path, able to recruit and retain the best qualified in competition with alternative career opportunities. Increased efforts should translate into a higher salary.

Higher education should pay off. This is a central principle in NAR's wage policy. Collective bargaining and collective agreements are key elements of our policy.

The overall objective of our wage policy strategy is to reduce the wage difference between NAR's member groups and comparable groups in the public sector; and to reduce the wage gap between the public and the private sector.

The wage conditions for our members should be improved through fully taking advantage of the possibilities within the current wage and bargaining systems, in all sectors.

We must also adopt other measures outside the traditional bargaining system, in order to raise our members' wages.

NAR's wage policy is based on these three elements:

  • A general pay rise for all employees.
  • Pay rise for groups of employees.
  • Individual pay rise based on a mutually agreed local wage policy.

Read more about our wage policy in our Work Program 2019–2021 (pdf).

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