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This is Forskerforbundet

Forskerforbundet – The Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR) is Norway's largest and leading trade union and special interest organisation for employees in research, higher education and dissemination of knowledge. We have 24 000 members.

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Forskerforbundet is affiliated with the national federation Unio, and is a member of Education International and ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee For Education).

Forskerforbundet is an associated member of the Scholars at Risk Norway network.

Forskerforbundet – The Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR) – organises employees and students in research, higher education and dissemination of knowledge.


Forskerforbundet’s main purpose is to increase salaries and improve working conditions for our members.

At each workplace, our members join together in a local branch ('lokallag') of Forskerforbundet.


The local branch takes part in wage negotiations and co-determination at the workplace, as well as being a social gathering place for our members.


Forskerforbundet's supreme governing body is the Congress, where all the lokal branches come togehter. The Congress convenes every three years. The Congress elects the President, Vice President and the Executive Board.


At the central office, a staff of 40 assists local branches and individual members.

Our official policy papers, adopted by Congress or by the Executive Board.

Forskerforbundet regards research, education and research-driven innovation as fundamental in order to meet the future needs for knowledge and restructuring and to maintain a sustainable welfare society.

Forskerforbundet will work to ensure that all of our members in research, higher education and the ABM sector are offered competitive wage levels that correspond to those in other sectors of society.

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