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PhD Candidate / Research Fellow

Thinking of joining a union? Forskerforbundet – The Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR) – is the natural choice if you are in research training; taking a PhD degree or employed as a postdoctoral research fellow.

Who are we?

Forskerforbundet organizes approximately 2,000 members in recruitment posts (PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows) and is the only trade union with a specific policy for this group.

Forskerforbundet has contributed to increasing the starting salary for PhD candidates by 20 pay grades in 15 years, and that postdoctoral fellows now have the same starting salary as associate professors.

What can we do for you?

  • We negotiate wages for PhD candidates and postdoctoral research fellows, in central as well as local negotiations.
  • We protect your interests in any labor dispute. As a member you are entitled to help from the local union representative and, if necessary, legal assistance from our attorneys.
  • We protect your intellectual property rights.
  • We fight for better working conditions, less use of temporary appointments and more tenured positions.
  • We offer regular courses and seminars for PhD candidates and postdoctoral research fellows.
  • We seek to influence politicians, government and local employers in matters concerning research funding, research training, intellectual property rights, academic freedom, working conditions, laws and regulations.
  • We keep you updated on issues regarding higher education and research through our website and the periodical Forskerforum.
  • We ensure that you get the best insurance products available, and favourable banking services.
  • PhD candidates pay reduced membership fees. The first year of membership you pay only 25 % of the ordinary fee, then 50 % for the rest of your PhD period.

Read more about our membership benefits

Advice for PhD candidates

Have you recently become a PhD candidate, or do you have questions about your rights regarding salaries, compulsory duties, or extension of your employment period? Here, we have gathered some general advice for you to keep in mind as a PhD candidate.

Our advice for PhD candidates

Our main goals for PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows

  • Competitive wages and working conditions.
  • The research training and project monitoring should be of high international quality.
  • Facilitation of longer stays abroad during the research training period.
  • Better career planning and more tenured positions as professors and associate professors.
  • Working conditions and sufficient resources to finish the PhD degree in the stipulated time.
  • High quality guidance and supervision.

Our policy on PhD candidates

Our policy on postdoctoral research fellows

Our views on research training, recruitment and mobility

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