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Membership benefits

As a member of NAR / Forskerforbundet, you are entitled to assistance from union representatives in salary negotiations. You get access to competitively priced insurance products, and you receive the monthly journal Forskerforum for free.
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NAR's local representatives take care of members' interests at the workplace. They represent the members in all matters relating to their working conditions, and they participate in the local salary negotiations. If there is no local NAR representative at your workplace, you are welcome to contact NAR's Central Office for advise and assistance.

Local NAR branches and contact information

At NAR we have our own insurance office, offering members a wide range of insurance policies. Call us, and we will help you choose the right policy for your needs. If you are uncertain about which insurance policy suits you best, we will be happy to assist you free of charge.

E-mail / Phone +47 23 11 35 78.

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NAR has 8 professional networks that deal with members’ professional interest. You can choose to join one of these professional networks in addition to your ordinary NAR membership. The networks offer courses and conferences for their members, as well as other benefits.


Be aware that most of the networks will collect an extra membership fee.

See details on their respective information pages (in Norwegian).

Any questions? Contact your local NAR representative, or NAR Central Office; e-mail , phone +47 21 02 34 00.


Please inform us of any changes to your membership (new address, new employer, new job title etc.). Log on to your personal membership page "Min side", or contact our Member service by e-mail .

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