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Membership fees

For 2021, our membership fees are:

Membership type

Monthly fee

Ordinary fee (employed in a full time position)

NOK 498

Reduced fee (employed half time or less)

NOK 270
PhD candidate (employed in position as 'stipendiat')
NOK 270
The monthly fee is deducted from your salary.
If you prefer, you can pay the fee via invoice quarterly.

Double membership *)
NOK 132
The fee is payed via invoice twice a year (NOK 792)
In addition, you pay the regular fee to your professional assocation.

Student member *)
NOK 250
(lump sum)

New student members pay a fee of NOK 250 as a lump sum. This fee is valid as long as you are a student.

Unpaid leave, retired or unemployed
NOK 46
The fee is payed via invoice once a year (NOK 552)  
Mandatory insurance *)
NOK 158

Life, disability, accident and critical illness insurance.The monthly premium is deducated from your salary.

If you have no need for mandatory insurance, you can opt out by filling out a declaration form.


Additional fee for professional network membership

You can choose to join one of our 9 professional networks in addition to your ordinary NAR membership. Be aware that most of the networks will collect an extra membership fee. See details on their respective information pages (in Norwegian).

Tax deduction for paid union fees

For the fiscal year 2021, a tax deduction is given for paid union fees up to NOK 3.850,-.

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