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Become a member of Forskerforbundet

Forskerforbundet – The Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR) – organises employees and students in research, higher education and dissemination of knowledge. Our main purpose is to increase salaries and improve working conditions for our members.

  • We represent our members in all kinds of wage negotiations; at the national level as well as at the local workplace.
  • Our members can get free legal assistance in matters regarding their wages or working conditions.
  • Forskerforbundet’s local branch at your workplace provides a professional and a social network.
  • We offer various courses, conferences and seminars for members, free of charge.
  • Our members are offered competitively priced insurance and banking services.
  • Our members receive the monthly magazine Forskerforum for free.

Read more about our membership benefits

Forskerforbundet organises students and employees in scientific, technical-administrative or other professional positions that normally require a tertiary qualification, and who work in

  • research and development
  • higher education
  • museums and cultural heritage management
  • public administration related to research and higher education

Are you not sure whether you can become a member?

See our guidelines for membership

For 2022, our membership fees are:

  • Ordinary fee: NOK 513 a month (full time employee).
  • Reduced fee: NOK 270 a month (part time employee; 50 % or less).
  • PhD candidate, existing member: NOK 278 a month.
  • PhD candidate, new member: NOK 128 a month during the first year of membership, then NOK 257 a month for the following years of your PhD period.
  • Student: NOK 250 (lump sum).

Membership fees

Do you want to stand alongside many others in a union which is fighting for better education, wages and working conditions? Are you interested in affordable insurance policies and favorable banking services? Join Forskerforbundet as a student member! Student members pay a fee of NOK 250 (lump sum).

Student membership

We have reciprocal membership agreements with sister organisations in the Nordic countries, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. If you are a member of our sister organisation in one of these countries, you can join Forskerforbundet for free as a guest member.

Read more about guest membership

If you change your address or your employment, take a leave of absence, or retire, you must inform our Central Office. Log on to your personal membership page: "Min side" to update your membership information. It is also possible to terminate your membership via "Min side".

Log on to "Min side" (in Norwegian only)

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