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Sickness Benefit

To obtain sickness benefits, the employee must have sick leave certified by a doctor (sick leave), alternatively, use self-certification.

Everyone who is on sick leave due to corona pandemic are entitled to sick pay. This applies to people who are, or are suspected to be, infected with covid-19.

NAV has a requirement for a doctor's certificate to accept sick leave. During the corona pandemic, NAV accepts sick leave without personal attendance.

Only those who are infected, presumed infected or quarantined are entitled to sick leave. Workers are encouraged to work from home if possible. Self-certification should always be considered prior to sick leave.

The extended right to use self-certification expired on 1 June, but your employer can still choose to accept self-certification for the entire employer period, i.e. the first 16 days of sick leave. If you do not have such an agreement with your employer, you will need sick leave from the doctor from the day you cannot use regular self-report.

If you isolate yourself for fear of being infected (self-isolation), without having the situation assessed by a doctor, you are not entitled to sickness benefit.

If you have been traveling abroad, you must be in quarantine for 14 days from the day you returned home. Since this is a prohibition against performing work, those covered will be entitled to sickness benefits. Where it is prohibited to work (imposed quarantine) by judicial authority, entitlement to sickness benefits may be granted pursuant to section 8-4 third paragraph (f) of the National Insurance Act.

The employer is reimbursed sick pay from the fourth day for corona-related sick leave. In the self-certification, the employee must inform that the absence due to illness is due to the corona pandemic. Freelancers and self-employed persons can also receive sickness benefit from the National Insurance Scheme from the fourth day for such sickness absence.

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Article updated 27 January 2021

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