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Voluntary isolation

An employment relationship involves mutual obligations between the employer and the employee. In a working relationship, the employee is obliged, among other things, to be available to the employer within the limits of the agreed working hours.

If the employee does not show up at the given working time, there will be a breach of the working relationship on the part of the employee, unless the employee has a valid reason for his absence. General fear of being infected will not in itself be considered a valid reason for absence. Therefore, if an employee refuses to come to work with this justification, it will constitute a breach of the employee's duty to work.

One consequence of an employee not fulfilling his or her part of the employment contract is that the employer does not have to pay wages for this period. Employees who isolate themselves for fear of infection, without a doctor's recommendation, will also not be entitled to sick pay.

Article published March 24, 2020

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